Friday, July 1, 2011

What's been happening at the AFA Summer Music Conservatory

The short answer is "nothing!" Not really nothing, but when a tree falls in a forest and there is nobody around to hear it, does it make a noise?

In truth, a lot has been happening at the American Festival for the Arts, or AFA, but almost nobody will know about it. Here is the broadcasting schedule for this interview.

AFA on The Front Row
Tues., July 5, or Wed., July 6 (TBD)
Executive and Artistic Director Michael Remson and Conductor-in-Residence Barbara Scowcroft will be interviewed on KUHF's cultural affairs program. Listen in to hear what's been happening at the Summer Music Conservatory from the conductor's perspective.
Noon on 91.7 KUHA FM & 11 p.m. on 88.7 KUHF

It is well known that 91.7 KUHA FM has a very short range, and 11 PM on KUHF is not when people usually listen to the radio.

My heart weeps as this turn of events. At least the all-news KUHF could put this interview during the day-time hours. Who could hate music and culture so much as give politics all the prime hours and relegate the interview for 11 PM?

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