Monday, July 4, 2011

As the community discontent is gaining strength, here are a few responses from the academics:

"I was delighted when I heard that KUHF was devoting a station to 24 hrs of classical music without knowing that its coverage would be far less than 88.7.  When the sale from Rice to UH went through, all talk was of what a powerful station 91.7 is and what a clear signal it has." - Rice University

"Before this change we had TWO uniquely Houston stations, KUHF and KTRU (Rice radio). Now we have neither. The 24/7 news has turned KUHF from a station with both a local and national perspective, to an NPR talk mall. As I listen I feel I could be anywhere and nowhere in the US. And I can't hear The Front Row unless I wait until 11 p.m. on KUHF, which is not a time when I want to check in with the local arts scene. I live INSIDE the loop in the Heights. Even here, reception is terrible. Meanwhile, I've also lost KTRU which I loved, not only for the unusual music selections and knowledgeable community disc-jockeys, but because of the broadcast of Rice Owls baseball games. The weird thing is, when Rice operated KTRU, I could get reception of 91.7. The reception seems to have gotten worse since KUHF took over the station...This is a sad state of affairs for a city of this size and present level of artistic activity - no classical, no student radio." - Rice University

Hopefully very soon the solution will be reached how to return to Houstonians a powerful classical music station KUHF ( and switching endless rehashing of news to the weak 91.7 FM)

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