Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jonathon Glus: Everybody in Houston deserves access to arts...

"Jonathon Glus is fashionably dressed. His sandy hair and huge grin make him look younger than his 45 years, and his sweet—there is no other word for it—personality hardly projects an image of power." That is how Out Smart magazine of Houston described him, giving Jonathon the title of "Arts Guru."

In his video, Jonathon has said, "We, as members of the Houston Arts Association, believe that everybody in Houston deserves access to arts. That is why we come to work every day."

And this is what the SHEA, led by Jonathon Glus, said about Mr. John Proffitt:

"In 1986, the KUHF-FM budget was under $500,000. Today it exceeds $8 million. In 1986, the station's weekly listening audience was under 80,000. Today, approximately 400,000 Gulf coast residents listen to KUHF-FM during the week, making it the most listened-to radio station in Texas for classical music and for NPR news.
In 2011, the station finalized the acquisition of a second FM radio station, KUHA 91.7 FM, providing a full-time classical music and arts radio service to Houston, with KUHF 88.7 FM becoming a full-time news and information station."

While I am very impressed by the accomplishments of Mr. Proffitt, evident from this page, I strongly believe that the last decision can be questioned. It goes directly against the professed goal of "everybody in Houston deserves access to arts."

Photo credit: Out Smart of Houston

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