Sunday, July 3, 2011

Asking influential people for help in our plight.

Dear Friends, please help our plight!

Two months ago, KUHF, a powerful radio station which for 24 years was devoted to classical music in Houston was changed to a news only station. 91.7 FM, a station with very weak, limited coverage was designated to broadcast classical music in Houston. Suddenly, thousands of classical music listeners found themselves without music.

The establishment knew that 91.7 FM would not reach South and Southwest Houston but acquired the station nevertheless. John M. Proffitt General Manager & C. E. O. said in 2009: "KTRU (91.7 FM) has - I will be charitable - less than ideal coverage in the southern half of our 88.7 range. An important consideration."

Every attempt to explain this situation to KUHF is suppressed, as all classical music lovers are dispersed and unaware of each other's plight. KUHF was the only classical music station in Houston, and now it is no more. Numerous concerts from music schools of Houston, interviews with musicians, announcements of the future events are lost to thousands of music lovers. Instead, 88.7 FM broadcasts endless news shows at a time when everyone gets their news on the Internet.

In the fourth largest American city in the nation it is impossible for many listeners to receive classical music on the radio. It is a shame and it must change. Please express your opinion to this very sad situation - why news coverage got the powerful 88.7 FM radio while the classical music is heard by very few listeners in Houston?

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