Thursday, June 30, 2011

Members and classical music lovers are without reception for 2 months

This is a mockery indeed. South and southwest of Houston are without reception unlike former 88.7 FM classical radio station that was heard by all. People  tried all these paltry suggestions without any success. In thousands of homes and cars 91.7 FM is not reachable. Instead, endless chatter and mindless talk shows fill the air on 88.7 FM where just recently we could hear immortal music, live performances, guest artists and conductors, educational programs.

What a bizarre situation! Members and classical music lovers are without reception for 2 months already. If you at UH need two radio stations then why the weakest was not designated to news? People nowadays check their news online: CNN, BBC, Figaro, etc. we do not need another source of regurgitating headlines and "in depth" coverage. What people need is a respite from the mad world we live in, an oasis of real beauty, calm, hope, elegance, wisdom, in short we need classical music as we used to have for 24 years without a need to convince you in the obvious.

We shall continue with our plight, hoping that the voice of your devoted listeners will be at last heard and KUHF will return to its glorious powerful format for the benefit of all citizens of Greater Houston.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

"Less than ideal coverage in the southern half of our 88.7 range. "

John M. Proffitt  General Manager & C. E. O. have said in 2009:

 “KTRU has – I will be charitable – less than ideal coverage in the southern half of our 88.7 range. An important consideration,” Proffitt told Erik Langner, PRC’s director of acquisitions in an email on June 15, 2009. ' 

KUHF was for 24 years the ONLY place of music, culture, arts in Houston. It reached everyone in greater Houston, connecting citizens and arts communities, educating the public about classical music, involving young audiences with programs like From The Top, Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin, Front Row etc.
Anyone coming to Houston immediately found KUHF of the dial and was impressed by the level of safistication and dedication to the arts.

No matter what political, personal, social reasons are behind this tragic situation the fact remains - HOUSTON LOST CLASSICAL MUSIC available to all and at any time. By depriving the fourth American city of classical radio station you have gone with the mindless uneducated majority whose life is deafened by numerous chatty useless stations - powerful and mind numbing.

We (many thousands of us) will continue with our plight for the sake of love of music, love of our children,  love of arts.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Radio News Station is the Thing of the Past

KUHF, which was the classical music station in Houston for 24 years, killed its own broadcasting by narrowing the reception to 1/10 of what it was before. Instead, they broadcast news-only around the clock.

Sorry, but radio news are so much the thing of the past! This is counterproductive. Whatever the station's and its host, the University of Houston, goal is, they are achieving the opposite.

Today, people get their news from the Internet in larger numbers than from the radio, in proportion of 61% to 54%. The online news share only grows, with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Bing adding to their news audience. Recently LinkedIn has introduced its news source - after a spectacular IPO. That is not even mentioning the RSS readers, which allow people to selectively track their news sources. What does the prominence of a news-only station tells you? That its owners are out of touch with reality and are insisting on it.

Meanwhile, the classical radio station provided not only the music. It told us about all cultural life in Houston. How many concerts did we visit because Elaine Kennedy mentioned them! I remember my favorite harpsichordist Andreas Staier coming to Rice, quite unexpectedly, and we went to hear the legend.

The American Festival for the Arts, which our six kids attended for ten years, reached its audience with concert announcements through KUHF. Now this is all lost. The Houston Symphony has lost its promotions on KUHF. The switching of the stations is a blow against all arts. This is politics gaining prominence at the expense of the beauty, and it should not happen. Society and politicians should cherish and nurture art, because art has no one else to do it. Flowers must be planted, they cannot fight with business models.

What should you do? Write to all friends, art lovers, influential people, and politicians that you know. Join the Facebook group. Get in touch! Everyone who fights for art will see beauty.

Image source: Telegraph UK

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Listening to "Front Row" at 11 PM

Accidentally and completely without hope, I turned on the Classical Radio (KUHF, 88.7) dial, and lo and behold, that was classical music!

A relief! But it was short-lived. This was the great "Front Row" show, which now, instead of lunch time, was broadcast at night. Who (but a few) can listen to it at 11 PM?

Nevertheless, the sounds of music from the radio were life a breeze of fresh air. What can be done to restore the classical music station?

How can the great city of Houston be without it? Where to turn? Who to ask?

Thanks for all help!

Let us keep asking

We need to keep asking the KUHF establishment to return classical music to Houston. A powerful KUHF which for 24 years was devoted to classical music is news only station.

Recently, a very weak station 91.7 FM with very limited coverage was designated to broadcast classical music in Houston. Thousands of devoted classical music lovers are without reception. Every attempt to explain this situation is suppressed, as all classical music lovers are dispersed and unaware of each other's plight.

Let's unite in our love of music! KUHF was the only classical music station in Houston, and now it is no more. Instead, our beloved station is an endless news talk at the times when everyone get their news on Internet. In the fourth American city in US it is impossible to find classical music on the radio dial. It is a shame and it has to change!"