Monday, June 27, 2011

"Less than ideal coverage in the southern half of our 88.7 range. "

John M. Proffitt  General Manager & C. E. O. have said in 2009:

 “KTRU has – I will be charitable – less than ideal coverage in the southern half of our 88.7 range. An important consideration,” Proffitt told Erik Langner, PRC’s director of acquisitions in an email on June 15, 2009. ' 

KUHF was for 24 years the ONLY place of music, culture, arts in Houston. It reached everyone in greater Houston, connecting citizens and arts communities, educating the public about classical music, involving young audiences with programs like From The Top, Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin, Front Row etc.
Anyone coming to Houston immediately found KUHF of the dial and was impressed by the level of safistication and dedication to the arts.

No matter what political, personal, social reasons are behind this tragic situation the fact remains - HOUSTON LOST CLASSICAL MUSIC available to all and at any time. By depriving the fourth American city of classical radio station you have gone with the mindless uneducated majority whose life is deafened by numerous chatty useless stations - powerful and mind numbing.

We (many thousands of us) will continue with our plight for the sake of love of music, love of our children,  love of arts.

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