Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let us keep asking

We need to keep asking the KUHF establishment to return classical music to Houston. A powerful KUHF which for 24 years was devoted to classical music is news only station.

Recently, a very weak station 91.7 FM with very limited coverage was designated to broadcast classical music in Houston. Thousands of devoted classical music lovers are without reception. Every attempt to explain this situation is suppressed, as all classical music lovers are dispersed and unaware of each other's plight.

Let's unite in our love of music! KUHF was the only classical music station in Houston, and now it is no more. Instead, our beloved station is an endless news talk at the times when everyone get their news on Internet. In the fourth American city in US it is impossible to find classical music on the radio dial. It is a shame and it has to change!"

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